Hi, I'm Christoffer Vargtass, a guy insterested in technology, open source, cyber security and digital forensics and incident response that runs a security operation center for a Norwegian university for a living.

This blog is a record of my own personal interest and projects, mainly about cyber security and IT-technology related stuff that I have decided that I want to share with people that might find the content amusing, informative or maybe even educational, who knows. This is just a hobby for me and we'll just have to see if it will survive the winter. There are two main reasons why I decided to start publishing stuff that I do:

  1. I work in the academic sector and sharing knowledge (and sometimes even wisdom) is a large part of that identity. I benefit from other people publishing their content on the internet for me to find, so this is kinda my part of contribution back.
  2. There is a lack of Cyber Security professionals worldwide, hopefully some content on this blog might help the future IT and Cyber security professionals.

Content on this blog might be published in both English and Norwegian depending on intended receiver.